June 3, 1992 - I phoned the pastor today. Arrangements, through costly legal efforts, are for me to have visitations at the church at between 9:00 A.M. and noon. The boys' mother is to park her car far enough from mine to provide me safety from potential false allegations. She is scheduled to arrive with the boys fifteen minutes early and come for the boys fifteen minutes after the visitation is over to provide the full three hours with them. It would also help eliminate any possibility of disruption by her presence. Although the pastor knew most of this, confirming it was important. This eliminated any misunderstandings.

The pastor is aware that the conditions I've set for seeing the boys include absolutely no contact with their mother. I am to call before arriving. He has kindly agreed to escort me from my car to prevent any contact and false allegations.

There will be no possibility of the boys' mother from breaking this arrangement without witnesses as she did late last summer when I tried to see the boys. It has actually been four years since an unobstructed visitation with the boys.

The cost for each visitation to see my own children will be forty dollars. It's called a donation of fifteen dollars per hour to the church for this service. This will prevent my ability to pay for food, rent and other essentials.