Oliver A. Pentinmaki Jr.

(© 1998 Oliver A. Pentinmaki Jr.)


The suffering by Oliver and Robbie cannot remain buried. And their torment cannot be belittled or denied in any way without becoming one of those responsible and accountable for such atrocities.

Their horrors had to be written for them, and for so many others. Those already victimized, and many more that identify with the factual incidents presented in this book, will recognize the message. Until we end all governmental and other forms of immunity, the atrocities will never stop and those accountable will go unpunished. We owe our government nothing except this, because we owe it to ourselves.

«When she came close, I never knew if I was going to get hugged or hit.»
-Statement by Frank Sinatra about his mother, Dolly, to Pete Hamill-
«He will learn to defend himself when he gets older.»
-Dane County Human Services after viewing videotapes of the boys being abused by their mother-

April 4, 1992 - Making arrangements to see the boys has been difficult. It has been more than a year trying. My last contact with them was more than two and half years ago, after the court had schemed to keep us apart. After speaking with social and state agencies, a pastor had finally been found that would supervise visitations with the boys in a way to protect me from continued false accusations from the boys' mother. [See court records how the judge had concocted a plan to incarcerate me for contempt for seeing the boys through his visitation order.]

He has sent a letter to my attorney stating a willingness to arrange non- threatening situations during my time with the boys. From the information received from my attorney, it is apparent that the boys' mother is using her judicially empowered control of the boys to prevent contact with them. She continues needless objections as methods of creating obstructions.